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Residential Universal Design Guide, A Standards Manual for Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders

The goal of universal design is to design a home that will be safe, comfortable, and functional for all, including children, adults, the elderly, and the physically challenged. The universal home can be adapted to special needs without major and costly modifications if and when the need arises; it will withstand the test of time and serve the needs of several generations living under the same roof over a lifespan.

There are no code books for universal design. Therefore, the decisions as to which features to include are left up to the architect, interior designer, builder, and homeowner and requires extensive research to determine the applicable design standards for each feature of a home.

I wrote The Residential Universal Design Guide, A Standards Manual for Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders as an easy-to-use time-saver checklist to help in the planning, evaluation, and implementation of universal design.

“The Guide” is a menu of 285 universal design guidelines and 18 graphics that allows the designer to choose the standards that are applicable to a specific design project. “The Guide” is  formatted as a checklist and divided into sections and sub-sections so that the designer can conduct a walk-through evaluation and plan from the outdoor access, through the living areas, the bedroom and bathroom, and finally, to the patio and garden. The Guide gives very specific standards and measurements to assist the designer in executing a design based on anthropometric measurements. The Guide also includes the minimum design standards that are required to make a home visitable. A section on green building interior materials specifications gives recommendations on the selection of paints, wood finishes, wood products, adhesives, ventilation of appliances, wood stoves, and flooring.

All measurements are indicated in both imperial and metric measurements. Please note that metric conversions may need slight adjustments to meet individual countries’ building codes and standard measurements.

The Guide fills a need for architects, interior designers, home builders, design educators, design students, and homeowners.

The Guide is not a code book and the user needs to check all applicable building codes.

The Guide is available in PDF format for $14.95 and allows the original purchaser to print copies as needed. “The Guide” is copyrighted and each page is printed with the purchaser’s information.

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