Monthly Archives: August 2010

What is Green Design?

Green design creates more comfortable and healthier places to
work and live in. Specifying materials and finishes with no –
or low VOC, low formaldehyde present in furniture, flooring,
and proper ventilation system, improves the quality of our
indoor environment. Using efficient fixtures and
appliances make water and electricity more affordable. Green
design gives consumers economic, health and safety benefits,
higher property values, while reducing negative impact on the

Good Design Today, Better Living Tomorrow.

Elsa Torres


What is Universal Design?

Universal Design is the design of homes that supports multi-
generational living arrangements that offer full and equal access,
flexibility, adaptability, safety, mobility, and full enjoyment for
all over a lifetime. It takes lifestyle into consideration and allows
individuals to live in a home that supports their changing needs.
Universal Design incorporates slightly more square footage than
standard housing, thus providing usability and mobility for all,
regardless of age, ability, or disability. It allows the integration
of features to accommodate for special needs without major
modifications or renovation.

Universal design should be the norm in all homes.

Good Design Today, Better Living Tomorrow

Andrée Langlois